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Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology

 Why Oxford Learning College


 This Quality Assured Level 3 Diploma course in Anatomy and Physiology aims at providing a foundation in the subject area. Those who wish to enter into studies in the field of complimentary medicines or merely wish to improve their knowledge in this area will find this course particularly attractive. The course will equally provide a basis for those looking at furthering their vocation in the public sector.

Course Structure

The course consists of 10 specifically crafted modules or units and introduces body systems in a logical manner. Clearly defined learning outcomes will be included in each module and contain self-evaluation activities together with an end of module assignment. It is highly recommended that students complete all assignments set throughout the course to ensure they have the best preparation possible for the final examination.

Course content

Module 1: Introduction to the human body

The first module is an outline of the course contents and introduces the body systems in a rational manner, demonstrating the links that exist between them. The content also covers basic body chemistry and organization in preparation for subsequent modules. The course material covers:


Negative feedback mechanisms, Positive feedback mechanisms, Survival mechanisms, Transport systems, Internal communications systems, Intake and elimination, Protection, Movement, and Reproduction and genetic characteristics.

Body chemistry:

Atoms, molecules and compounds


Cell structure and function, Tissues, and Organization of body structures and systems

Module 2: Communication systems within the body: Part 1

There are three modules related to the subject of communication, structures and organs. These enable the body to communicate both internally and with the external world will be presented. In addition to structure, function and physiological aspects, each module will give brief information on some more common diseases and disorders.


Composition, functions and common disorders


Vessels, heart, circulation, blood pressure, pulse,
and common disorders and diseases

Module 3: Communication systems within the body: Part 2


Vessels, organs and tissues; structure and function, common disorders and diseases

Nervous system:

Structure and function; brain and spinal cord; autonomic nervous system; common disorders and diseases

Module 4: Communication systems within the body: Part 3

Special senses:

The ear: structure and function, The eye: structure and function, Physiology of smell and taste, and Common disorders and diseases

Endocrine system:

Structure and function; common disorders and diseases

Module 5: Intake and elimination systems of the body: Part 1

Three further modules cover intake and elimination. The student will focus more specifically on how the body functions, what it requires to maintain function and growth and the mechanisms that are in place for the elimination of waste products.



Structure and function including upper and lower respiratory tracts; physiology of respiration, and Common disorders and diseases

Module 6: Intake and elimination systems of the body: Part 2


Structure and function of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins and water

Digestive system:

Structure and function, Absorption of nutrients, Metabolism, and Common disorders and diseases

Module 7: Intake and elimination systems of the body: Part 3


Structure and function, Physiology of micturition, and Common disorders and diseases

Module 8: The survival and protective systems of the body: Part 1

The final three modules will cover survival and protection. Students will examine basic genetics, the replication of the human cell, together with repair and how cells deal with invasion of bacteria, viruses and external breaches of defence mechanisms (for example wounds).



Structure and function, Wound healing, and Common disorders and diseases


Inflammatory response, Cell mediated immunity, Anti body immunity, Acquired immunity, and Common disorders and diseases

Module 9: The survival and protective systems of the body: Part 2


Structure and function of bone
Axial skeleton, Appendicular skeleton, Joints, Muscles, and Common disorders and diseases

Module 10: The survival and protective systems of the body: Part 3

Basic genetics:

Chromosomes, genes and DNA, Protein synthesis, Cell division and inheritance and Common disorders and diseases


Structure and function, and Common disorders and diseases



CMA Registered
CMA Registered


Entry Requirements

All students must be 16 years of age and above.

Level 3 Diploma courses require a minimum prior learning to GCSE standard in order that students can manage their studies and the assumed knowledge within course content.

Study Hours

Approximately 20 hours per unit

Assessment Method

Final online multiple choice examination.

Please note that you can enrol on this course at anytime.


Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology

This course is Quality Assured by the Quality Licence Scheme
Quality Assured by QLS

At the end of this course successful learners will receive an e-Certificate from Oxford Learning College. There is also the option to purchase an Embossed Certificate and also a certificate from ABC Awards for the qualification.

The course has been endorsed under the ABC Awards Quality Licence Scheme. This means that Oxford Learning College has undergone an external quality check to ensure that the organisation and the courses it offers, meet certain quality criteria. The completion of this course alone does not lead to an Ofqual regulated qualification but may be used as evidence of knowledge and skills towards regulated qualifications in the future.

The unit summary can be used as evidence towards Recognition of Prior Learning if you wish to progress your studies in this sector. To this end the learning outcomes of the course have been benchmarked at Level 3 against level descriptors published by Ofqual, to indicate the depth of study and level of demand/complexity involved in successful completion by the learner.

The course itself has been designed by Oxford Learning College to meet specific learners' and/or employers' requirements which cannot be satisfied through current regulated qualifications. ABC Awards endorsement involves robust and rigorous quality audits by external auditors to ensure quality is continually met. A review of courses is carried out as part of the endorsement process.

ABC Awards is a leading national Awarding Organisation, regulated by Ofqual, and the Welsh Government. It has a long-established reputation for developing and awarding high quality vocational qualifications across a wide range of industries. As a registered charity, ABC Awards combines 180 years of expertise but also implements a responsive, flexible and innovative approach to the needs of our customers. Renowned for excellent customer service, and quality standards, ABC Awards also offers Ofqual regulated qualifications for all ages and abilities post-14; all are developed with the support of relevant stakeholders to ensure that they meet the needs and standards of employers across the UK.

How can I progress

For more information on how to progress after completing this course, please click here

Additional Information

You will receive a certificate from the College. A digital version is included in the price and will be emailed to you within 5 days of taking your online exam.

Should you require an embossed hard copy of your certificate to be sent to you by Special Delivery post, you can order this separately after taking your exam.

The course can be enrolled upon by students Internationally. There are no deadlines for enrolments.

To view the differences between our qualifications, please click HERE

What's Included

Online study materials to enable the student to successfully complete the Diploma. Support is provided by the tutor department for the duration of the course (1 year). Certification upon completion. All examination fees.

Course Fee


Payment by Instalments

Students are able to pay course fees in monthly instalments. Click here to download our instalment plan.

Further Information

The Quality Assured Diploma is a Level 3 equivalent on the National Qualifications Framework. The Diploma is a 1 year course which is self study and is examined by online examination. The Diploma is awarded by Oxford College. Upon completion of the course you will receive certification awarded by Oxford College.

The Level 3 Diplomas require a minimum prior learning to GCSE standard in order to for students to manage study and the assumed knowledge within course content.

They provide an ability to gain and apply a range of knowledge, skills and understanding in a specific subject at a detailed level. Level 3 qualifications such as A levels, NVQ3, BTEC Diplomas etc. are appropriate if you plan to progress to university study.

Level 3 Diploma courses can assist you in career development, continued professional development, personal development, and provision of a basis for further study.

Progression from Level 3 is to specialist learning and detailed analysis of a higher level of information (for example university level study, Diploma Level 5 study).

Your course is delivered online via the Oxford Learning On Campus website.

This is a flexible learning course, so the more time you have to commit to your studies, the sooner you are able to complete.

In the student 'On Campus' you are also able to take part in the student chat room and forums as part of our online student community.

After enrolling online you will receive your username and password to access the On Campus area within 3 working days.

Materials and support provided by Oxford Learning. Oxford Learning

For more information please visit our FAQ page.

Overall rating 5 out of 5 based on 4 student reviews

A fantastic course in which I throughly enjoyed. Well done to the team. Thank you.

Rating: 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Have been studying for the past year to take my exam, found the course material very in-depth, and prepared me for my final exam. I think though that i should have made myself a timetable as found it hard to juggle family, job and study time. My tutor always answered my questions and comments on my SAPs, however it would have been nice to been given a nudge to submit more and asked if further help was needed. (however that is i suppose the learners doing!) I am a person that needs pushing and at time i lacked motivation. A question bank or mock exam would also have been helpful towards the end for revision. Overall though i would enjoyed the course structure and am more than happy with my grade. Thank you for all your help, and would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas

Rating: 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Great thanks to Oxford college for the opportunity to study via online courses. I found that the products are very easy to use and there are many options like to purchase the hard copy. I enjoyed the course, especially that the modules is set out in such a way that a lot of research must be done by the student where the student learn more than he actually needs for the course. I will definitely study again with Oxford and is already on the lookout for a new study field- hope I can receive a discount...-just joking Only a few places which I found within the modules that is slightly incorrect statements, but is not totally incorrect statements either. Thanks Oxford for the opportunity to study. Regards Pieter

Rating: 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
The level 3 diploma in anatomy and Physiology was easy to understand. Captured my attention easy. The structure of the course is ok, though there are some mistakes of spelling, otherwise information is accurate. I like it because I could understand easy and also I like it for it\'s giving acknowledgment at the end of every module.

Rating: 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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