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Accredited Level 3 Diploma in Drama

Accredited Level 3 Diploma in Drama



This diploma is designed to explore Drama. You will review and explore a variety of Shakespeare scenes and plays such as Othello and The Cherry Orchard. You will research thee background of authors and learn how they put together scenes and characters. You will discover the relationships and backgrounds of characters and authors which will educate you on the historic events through their life as well as the play writing.


Learning Objectives

  • Students will review drama scenes and review plays
  • Review how drama is performed live such as television, performances and films
  • Define the term ‘genre’
  • Explore the art of general classifications

This course consists of Ten Units and is a qualification awarded by Oxford Learning College, in its own right; with the quality assurance of a leading awarding body (CIE Global) that hallmarks this professional qualification.


Assessment Objectives (AO)


AO: 1

Students must select and demonstrate clearly relevant knowledge and understanding through the use of evidence, examples and correct language and terminology appropriate to the course of study. This assessment, involves two written assignments: one halfway through the course and following the final unit. Both are assessed and graded by the assigned tutor, according to college procedures.


AO: 2

Students must critically evaluate and justify a point of view through the use of evidence and reasoned argument. Students can include evidence in different formats to support their written work such as documentation or images to support their course.


Quality of Written Communication (QWC)

In addition, OLC require students’ to produce written material in English, candidates must: ensure that text is legible and that spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPG) are accurate so that meaning is clear; select and use a form and style of writing appropriate to studying a complex subject matter; organise information clearly and coherently, using specialist vocabulary when appropriate and Harvard referencing of citation and sources. In this Specification, SPG will be assessed in all tutor marked assignments (TMAs)

To ensure that we maintain quality standards; all our students written assignments are subject to our plagiarism policy and procedure.



The whole level three diploma has TEN (10) specific units of study, which are sub-divided into topic areas these are:

Unit 1: The Essential Principles of Drama

In this unit you will review what Drama is and consists of. You will explore the various elements of drama, reviewing scenes, plays and written text to refer to and re write from your own interpretation.


Unit 2: As you like it

This unit is referring to William Shakespeare. You will review his work and study the various plays written by him. You will gain knowledge of the various scripts and scenes if you aren't already familiar.


Unit 3: Othello

This unit is relating to Othello. You will review work carried out and studied. You will gain knowledge and understanding of how this unit interlinks with ‘As you like it’ from unit 2.


Unit 4: The Cherry Orchard

This unit is looking at work and background of Anton Pavlevich Chekov. You will review his historical background, personal background and critics from Anton.


Unit 5: Death of a Salesman

In this unit we look at the background of Arthur Miller. We review some of Arthur Millers other work such as ‘All my sons’, ‘The Pride’ and ‘Two way mirror’ to name a few. You will learn about the author of this unit and get to know his work also.


Unit 6: Pygmalion

Within this unit you will review the play Pygmalion. You will explore the scenes behind this play, look at the history and background of the author, George Shaw. You will explore the background of this play including the Nobel Prize. At the end of this unit you will have learnt a lot about the literature and background of the authors personal life with his wife who was sixteen years younger.


Unit 7: A Streetcar Named Desire

Through this unit you will explore and gain a knowledge of this play. You will discover the background of Tennessee Williams, his other plays such as ‘Memphis’ and his educational background. You will gain a knowledge in plays such as ‘The Rose Tattoo’, ‘Cat on the Tin Roof’ and ‘Sweet Bird of Youth’ to name a few.


Unit 8: An Inspector Calls

As with the other units, you will look into the background of the Author, history of the play and review scenes of literature. You will learn about the other characters in the play as well as the other plays written by this author. You will gain knowledge and understanding of the background of this play and be able to recall such events and text when answering your end of unit questions.


Unit 9: Top Girls

This unit is based upon a play called ‘Top Girls’. You will discover how this author, she won various prizes for her work and awards such as Obie award, Sunday Times Award. You will discover the scenes of writing, characters and also themes. You will gain understanding of language used, staging and performance.


Unit 10: Educating Rita

In this final unit you will review the two main characters Rita and Frank. You will learn how the two characters are different in so many different ways such as Rita is a hairdresser and Frank a Lecturer. You will discover how these characters get together in the sense that Rita goes back to school but Frank thinks she will quit. The two characters bounce of each other in a forward way with language, also a great on screen relationship portrayed. You will learn the background of this pay and how it was published into on screen too. A great play to end the course.



The coursework is assessed through continuous assessment with no formal exit examinations. Through assessment you will cover certain criteria such as:

  • Theoretical Knowledge/ Understanding
  • Practical Implications
  • Integration of Theory and Practice.


The course has TWO Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA); which are graded: Pass or Fail. The grading procedure if Pass or Fail. Your grade will depend upon if the criteria set ha been met and the decision of your tutor. If you Fail an assessment you have the opportunity to amend where your tutor has highlighted and resubmit.


Study Hours (Per Unit)

Approximately: 20 hours personal study time per unit, which is supported by the ODL Course Tutor, but we greatly encouraged students to access support from their tutor throughout the course.



The whole course MUST be completed and both assignments graded PASS to gain the “Oxford Learning College Accredited Level Three Diploma in Drama”

Course Fee: £850.00 Fees can be paid by instalments.


Entry Requirement/Progression

Entry to this level three course requires that potential students have gained GCSE/IGCSE or equivalent qualifications and have, good English oral, reading and writing skills.

Advice on enrolment and guidance of prior learning (APL) can be obtained through out contact centre. The course is a rolling programme and can be started at any point in the year. Successful students can go on to Higher Education, including remaining as students at OLC to complete courses in our portfolio of higher awards.



This course has been developed by the College’s professional team of tutors to meet the needs of sector based employers and employees. It is also part of the College’s validated level three Diplomas’, recognised internationally, as verified and moderated Centre for Interactive Education (CIE Global) Awards. Further details of our accreditations are provided on our website.

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