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Fast Track A level in Law (Full AS+A2) 2160
Fast Track A-Level in Law (Full AS+A2)

This course  is designed to show you  aspects of understanding of the role of Law in today's society and raises awareness of the rights and responsibilities of individuals. You will learn about legal rules and how and why they apply to real life as well as develop analytical ability, decision making, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Learning Objectives;
Students will gain knowledge of  English Legal System
Gain an understanding of Private Law and Public Law 
Develop an understanding of  Legal Skills 
This course consists of FOUR units which compromises of three mandatory units and one optional. This course is a qualification awarded by Oxford Learning College, in its own right; with the quality assurance of a leading awarding body that hallmarks this professional qualification. 
Quality of Written Communication (QWC)
 In addition, OLC require students’ to produce written material in English, candidates must: ensure that text is legible and that spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPG) are accurate so that meaning is clear; select and use a form and style of writing appropriate to studying a complex subject matter; organise information clearly and coherently, using specialist vocabulary when appropriate and Harvard referencing of citation and sources. In this Specification, SPG will be assessed in all tutor marked assignments (TMAs)
To ensure that we maintain quality standards; all our students written assignments are subject to our plagiarism policy and procedure. 

The whole level three diploma has FOUR (4) specific units of study to which three are mandatory and one is optional, which are sub-divided into topic areas these are:

Unit 1: The Nature of Law and the English Legal System
This unit is reviewing how you use legal skills, analyse law scenarios, analysing legal arguments in relation to how law is built up and is in connection to the legal system. You will gain understanding of the distinction between legal rules and principles of behaviour. 
Unit 2: Criminal Law
Within this unit you will review the rules of criminal law, theory of in criminal law and review difference in crimes such as fatal and non fatal offences. You will discover the various areas of offences such as theft, burglary and preliminary offences. 

Unit 3- Tort
This unit is referring to liability and fault. You will explore areas of negligence, liability, nuisance and basic understanding of governing the objectives of negligence. You will gain an understanding of economic loss in relation to primary and secondary victims. This is a follow on unit relating to the elements of unit 2 but in more depth and leading into other directions of law, crime, negligence and law defences. 
Optional units: (choose one)
- Law of contract
- Human Rights
The course has FOUR Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA); which are graded A+ - F.

The whole course MUST be completed and both assignments graded PASSED to gain the 
“Oxford Learning College A Level in Law”
Course Fee:
£365.00 Fees can be paid by instalments.
This course has been developed by the College’s professional team of tutors to meet the needs of sector based employers and employees. It is also part of the College’s validated level three Diplomas’, recognised internationally, as verified and moderated Cambridge International Education Board (CIE) and ABC Awards. Further details of our accreditations are provided on our website.   

What's Included

Online Learning Documentation, Online Resources,plus priority Tutor support for 1 year.

Entry Requirements

Though the A-level builds on the course content of GCSE, it is not necessary to have this qualification before undertaking this A-level. However, in order to meet the demands of the course, it is recommended that candidates have literary and communication skills equivalent to C or higher at GCSE, though full tutor support is given throughout.

Study Hours

Approximately 90 hours per unit

The format of the Examinations

PLEASE NOTE: All exams will be held during the May - June exam period.

Exam Centres can be located via this link:

International Students

If you are based outside the UK, it may be possible to sit your examination through your local British Council, depending on your location. Please contact the examination board OCR for details on examination centres in your country.

Further Information

Your course is delivered online via the Oxford Learning On Campus website.

In the student 'On Campus' area you are also able to take part in the student chat room and forums as part of our online student community. After enrolling online you will receive your username and password to access the On Campus area within 3 working days.

Students are required to arrange and pay for their examinations and manage the course work element if the subject requires this. Students must check the relevant examination board website for further information and final examination sitting dates for the specification.

Materials and support provided by Oxford Learning.  Oxford Learning

A paper copy and PDF copy of course materials are also available to purchase in the online enrolment process

Our A levels are eligible for UCAS points, making them a great choice for students aiming to progress to University. UCAS points are awarded according to the grade earned, please see below for details.

A levels are also widely recognised by employers and are useful for students looking to progress their careers or meet requirements for promotion.

Additionally, as a level 3 qualification, completion of an A level course also allows for direct entry onto our BTEC HND courses.

UCAS Points Table
A* = 140
A = 120
B = 100
C = 80
D = 60
E = 40
F = 20

Course Fee


Payment by Instalments

Students are able to pay course fees in monthly instalments. Click here to download our instalment plan.

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